Don’t Let It Break You

It turns out that you and I have much more in common than I thought. Sure, you may not have been burned in a fire at seventeen or worn a mask for two years while you recovered, but the overwhelming response to my book tells me that we all have masks of our own making. … Read more

My Brush with Fame

Anthony Hopkins

Have you ever been starstruck? I have—and quite recently. My brush with fame this summer happened in a way that I could never have anticipated. I guess that’s usually the case, which is why these surprising interactions are so exhilarating. When you’re a new author like I am, getting feedback from people who read your … Read more

I Literally Walked Through Fire

Many of you know my experience with fire. It’s had an incredible impact on my life in ways you might not expect. What you may not know is that I decided to write a book about the fire that changed my life forever—for the better. I’m pleased to announce Beyond the Mask: How My Tragedy … Read more